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May 09, 2005



Actually the English have benefitted out of North Sea Oil, which I believe the government doesn't include in its figures for Scottish expenditure and income - how convenient.... I'm sure that would show a different story.

Maybe best to campaign for a devolved English Parliament eh? England as an independent nation would be absolutely nothing but a declining irrelevance to the rest of the world, especially the EU not being part of the UK. And a poorer declining irrelevance (to the tune of billions of pounds) when the Scots start to ask for their fair share of UK assets


To the above. English taxpayers money maybe an asset to you Anonymous Scot but it's our hard earned cash and we want it back.

Scotland is by far the most heavily subsidised part of the UK.

The sole reason for Scots not voting for independence in the past is that the eductaed majority know this to be true.

The problem now for Scotland, is that English folk are now wondering of what benefit, or use, being part of the UK actually is: NO parliament of our own, paying billions to the other nations of the UK (£9 billiion to Scotland alone!) and the hatred and bitterness we've had to endure form jealous Scots for centuries.

As to England being a "declining irrelevance".... be serious. We are over 85% of the population of the UK and without the burden of Scotland we'll do just fine.

Role on a free England.... in the meantime our own parliament would be a start.


Why don't the Scots and English realise that the Union has brought massive beneifits to BOTH. I'm English but to be trueful I consider myself to be British primarily because of my partly Welsh ancestry. The Welsh, Scots and English have in the past been very close to one another and I don't see why this shouldn't continue. Britain needs the talents of ALL of its people to succeed in the modern world. We ALL need the Union more than ever. If we pulled-out of the damm EU we might realise that we need each other. Independence for Scotland would be a disaster. They should remember that before the Union they were bankrupt. Also, we in England need the talents of the Scottish people to help us. Anyway, all this is rather academic because by 2050 there will be no English, Scottish or Welsh people to bicker because ALL of us are going to be replaced by the growth of the ethnic minorities in this country.

Ross Aitken

After reading the 'information' I

find huge chunks of what is said

to be very racist and

unneccessarily anti-Scottish,

don't you think?


The myth put around that Scotland is subsidised is just Silly talk to stir up Anti-Scots,Youll find in Scotland most folk are just hard working people like the English and struggle to make ends meet,Holding down 2 jobs to pay for council tax.It was always going to move towards independence,And youll find people in Glasgow dont give a sh,oops Monkeys about Independence ,Its the Shortbread brigaid in Edinburgh who keep dragging out their claymores ,As a scot im embarrassed by it,And I wont rush back to Scotland for a scots passport ,Id just ve as Proud of My English one as i have British .

Fred Searle Angmering West Sussex

I suspect that in 2007 those pressing for English independence will grow. It is the sheer injustice of the present system that really gets the English to react. We have nothing against the rest of those who share these islands but as the majority would like the same rights as those enjoyed by the minority, particularly that of governing ourselves.If we all supported and independent Scotland, we too would be independent. Yipeee!


I love the idea of an English parliament that rules on English matters and is voted into, or out of power by English people. For a start it would consign the labour party to the bin in England. But not only that, we are the vast majority of this islands population and we would still have pretty much all the financial clout that Britain has today, without the burdens.

Yes Scotland contributes North Sea oil and gas and I am sure that the Scots would do well from that income and the guaranteed money that would come from Europe. I wish them all the luck in their endeavour to become independent.

I also don’t buy this separate passport scare mongering that comes from the likes of Gordon Brown. The union as stood for centuries and if the Scottish were to gain independence tomorrow I doubt we would end up fighting at Adrian’s wall. We would still be doing business as we always have.

At the end of the day, I may change my mind if the Labour party are consigned to the bin for ever. I truly believe that every one of them should be sent to govern Sealand until they die of exposure.

T Payne

Rob, you are right that it would be business as usual between the British nations if (or when?) they become independent. Little or nothing would change in that respect because England, even out of the EU, will continue to be what it always has been - a magnet.

I don't envisage physical borders guarded by troops or special police. The arrangement would, I imagine, be as it's always been between the UK and Eire, even before they both joined the EU.

Arguments about the need for guarded borders can be met by citing Scandinavia. Sweden and Denmark are in the EU but Norway isn't. From what I can gather, talking to people from that part of Europe, there are few, if any, border restrictions regarding the movement of peoples and trade. Norway even adopts some EU directives, but has the choice to reject the more absurd ones.

I see no problem with an independent England freely trading with the EU, EFTA and NAFTA but not being an integral part of any of them. It is England, and not the UK, that can more successfully, and more independently, achieve Tony Blair's dream of a bridge between Europe and North America. The problem with Mr. Blair's bridge is that it seems to be owned by the two sides between which it spans.


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Actually the English have benefitted out of North Sea Oil, which I believe the government doesn't include in its figures for Scottish expenditure and income - how convenient.... I'm sure that would show a different story.

The English have benefitted from north sea oil!
Explain how the English have benefitted from north sea oil. Plus, exactly why was the English-scottish maritime sea border moved further south? Oh so scotland could claim that "the oil is ours!" Why was the border moved?

I am sure if people like you included the border being moved in your stories everyone would catch on.

England as an independent nation would be absolutely nothing but a declining irrelevance to the rest of the world, especially the EU not being part of the UK.

Yes but you see that doesnt matter. As long as we were independent of you leeches we wouldnt care. Why are you complaining? In your first stupid comment you tried to make it sound like we have benefitted from being in a joke of a union with you lot. Now, you're just being bitter. How pathetic!

And a poorer declining irrelevance (to the tune of billions of pounds) when the Scots start to ask for their fair share of UK assets

Yeah and then we'll take back what you beggars ponced off of us (i.e. the Barnett formula) and then we'll see how much you have left.
I dont care if I eat bread and water til the day I die as long as im free of you arrogant, free loading, trash


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Brian Irwin

Here is the thing folks. I am a scot I am subsidised by the english taxpayer to the tune of nothing each and every year. Now I want independence always have but for some strange reason the altruistic english seem to want to retain the union. Wonder why that would be? If we cost you so much why do you try so hard to retain us? The answer is simple without scottish oil the UK is bankrupt. Scotland can go it alone England can't. Now you can fantasise all you want about these alleged english subsidies. They don't exist Scotland is a net contributer to the UK. Fact. So here is the deal you can keep your royal family, and those quislings Brown and Darling we'll take our oil revenue (plus all the money skimmed off by westminster from both oil and european subsidies over the years) and we can all go our seperate ways amicably.

Bob Battersby

With this government, it's clear Gordon Brown speaks only for Scotland. OK, his wife is English, but she went to Scotland for the birth of their children. I believe we are not getting the vital things done here because of the Scottish prejudice: Transport, Energy and Business ownership/manufacturing decline are not being addressed for their reasons of acieving a stunted England. This has to be on the Agenda.


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tony cunningham

To anyone that is sick and tired of corrupt government, that rob the tax payers of money and untilise it for their own ends (E.G. importing crime, desease, and unnessary immigrants to concrete over ever inch of this land to build houses for them), grovelling to please their masters in Europe

The traitor Blaire hoping to become EU president, after all he did sell his country down the river to the EU as Ted Heath did all those years ago and as Brown continues the tradition now.

If enough people say enough and draw a line in the sand, the gutless M.P.'s that rule us will collapse like a house of cards.

Are you fed up of politicians lies and betrayal?

Where ever indigenous people of this country meet up they comments will be similar, in ever town and village in the country, but they feel they have no way of stopping this destruction of the country, frustration, anger and despire rule. It does not matter what party you vote for, we will have a crappy gov., who ever they are, its like having a choice of rotten apples, rotten pears or a few rotten grapes.

Yet the power is truely in the hands of the people of this land. does the following resonate with you?

Below is what I belive to be the truth, not spin, bull or statistics.

Send the whole world to us, every tom dick and abdul, the tax payer will pay for it! House them, feed them, give them passports like smarties, the tax payer will pay. The international Health Service, bring all your sick the tax payer will cover it.

This pox ridden treacherous gov that wants to police the world (with our solders who live in rat infested barracks -when terrorist get housed fed etc), when we can't even police our own country.

A country riddled with polically correct dictates spouted by self promoting liberal gurus. Who have taken our liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of action and freedom of thought. All politicians are thieving lieing con artist, we don't need these parasitic, incompetants to tell us what we can and can't do.

Remember we were born free and we will die free, and these political correct quislings that have wormed their way into our land like rotten maggots, are just self serving parasites, that need their worthless carcases kick in the gutter, with all politicians that have betrayed the indiginous working classes for years.

Time for a major change, get rid of a system that has crapped on the people of this country for years, a new state a new order., where try democracy rules and not the sham of so called parliamentary democracy.

Politicians work for us, we do not work for them, coucils work for us we do not work for them, yet they dictate to us what we can and can not do, they take from us what is not theres to take and give that is not theirs to give!

I am prepared to go to jail for my beliefs and I am starting a web site to promote English Free States, hopefully before 23rd of April.

If anyone is interested in support this movement please email:

M Anderson

After reading the 'information' I
find huge chunks of what is said
to be very racist and unnecessarily anti-Scottish,
don't you think?

Do you? Such as? Racist? Ha! ha! English and scottish are the same race unless you think we're all the same.
Anti-Scottish? Diddums! Sweats love to be anti-English for no particular reason. The English have several reasons for disliking the sweats. All of them are logical. Ths sweats reasons for hating the English? None of them are logical. Still, I wouldn't expect a sweat to think logically. Anyway, we all know it's the invisible control freaks that are causing the problem between the English and the sweats. The sweats aint that bad. My great grandfather was one. I think we should be fighting the people who would divide us; not each other. Wake up!

M Anderson

Posted by: Bob Battersby

"'s clear Gordon Brown speaks only for Scotland. OK, his wife is English, but she went to Scotland for the birth of their children."

Brown's wife has a scottish father! I have no doubt that she thinks she's half-scottish, whatever that is!

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Actually the last time I crunched the numbers, the Scots were receiving fiscal transfers South.

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