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April 08, 2005



In our local flyer from the Liberal Democrats (in the South East) they do not even mention their biggest policy initiative, Local Income Tax!!

Derek Buxton

A new tax on "sales" will again hit the poorer families. VAT already hits many and who believes the tax rate will be low? The Lib-Dims are a high tax party to finance their followers life styles. They are, in fact socialists and like all their ilk are after making a fast buck.


Derek. What do you mean " A new tax on sales?" We already have VAT!! It won't hit poorer families any more than wealthier families. If anything, wealthier families will pay more as they tend to buy more non-essential items. VAT is one of the few genuinely "progressive" taxes.

Devil's Kitchen

VAT may be "progressive" tax but it is extremely expensive to administer and an absolute nightmare for businesses. Plus those who collect it are absolute bastards. And, of course, VAT is an EEC imposed tax which, in my view, makes it automatically "a bad thing".

About the only things that do not incur VAT are books, flyers, newpapers, unprocessed food and childrens' clothes. It seems to me that, with all the tax breaks that they get, "families" are pretty well subsidised anyway.

The people who get hammered, as usual, are (usually young) people, like me, who live on their own, have no children, have invested in pensions and other savings and are on modest–but not low enough to be subsidised–incomes.

I'm fed up with all this talk of "families".


I Love you girls


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